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Credit Builder Loan

Our Credit Builder Loan is an ideal solution for those looking to build, or repair, their credit score and credit history. With this loan, you can borrow a small amount, without a credit check, and make affordable monthly payments. These payments are reported to the credit bureau, so timely payments will reflect positively and help to improve your score.

A loan application and proof of income is required. You must have direct deposit posting to your State CS account before receiving Credit Builder Loan funds.+

First Credit Builder Loan:

  • $500 loan amount
  • 12-month term
  • 16.00% APR
  • Monthly payments of $45.37

After you have made at least six payments and repaid your first credit builder loan in full, you may apply for a second, larger credit builder loan.

Second Credit Builder Loan:

  • $1,000 loan amount
  • 12-month term
  • 14.00% APR
  • Monthly payments of $89.79

+Direct Deposit requirement may be waived for established members actively using State CS accounts and services.