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Primary Savings

Your Primary Savings account establishes your membership in the credit union, and acts as your foundation for everything State CS has to offer. Your Primary Savings account is great to use as emergency fund savings and can be opened with a $5 minimum opening deposit. A minimum balance of $50 is required to earn dividends. The higher your balance, the higher the dividend rate you’ll earn.

Secondary Savings

When you’re saving for something special, it helps to hold those savings in a separate Secondary Savings account to easily track your progress. Whether you’re saving for tuition, a vacation, or something else, with a Secondary Savings account you can deposit and withdraw funds as you need them and earn competitive dividend rates.

Christmas Club

When you put a little money away throughout the year, it can help make the holidays less stressful. With a Christmas Club account, you can plan and prepare for the upcoming holiday season and help reduce debt from Christmas shopping. You’ll also earn more towards holiday shopping with competitive savings rates. Save throughout the year, and funds will automatically transfer into your Primary Savings in October, just in time to begin your holiday shopping.

Dividends are compounded and credited quarterly based on account’s average daily balance. Refer to our Truth in Savings disclosure for details.